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Red Flag Laws Definition

Red flag laws are gun violence prevention laws that allow courts to order the temporary confiscation of firearms from persons deemed to pose a risk to others or themselves. Key Takeaways: Red Flag Laws Red flag laws are state gun violence prevention laws which allow police to confiscate firearms from persons deemed by a court to pose a risk to others or themselves.As of August 2019, 17 states and the District of Columbia had enacted red flag laws.After deadly mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, President Trump and a bipartisan group of Congress members have indicated their support for red flag laws. Along with gun control proposals, such as universal gun-buyer background checks, raised in the aftermath of shootings like those in Sandy Hook, Parkland, El Paso, and Dayton, demands to enact â€Å"red flag† laws have become common. As of August 2019, 17 states and the District of Columbia had enacted red flag laws. Red Flag Law Definition and Mechanics Red flag laws permit police or family members to ask a state court to order the temporary removal of all firearms from persons believed to present a danger to others or themselves. In deciding to issue such orders, known variously as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) or Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs), the courts consider the past actions and statements—including those posted on social media outlets—made by the gun owner in question. If the court decides to issue the order, the gun owner must surrender all firearms to the police for a specified period of time. In addition, the person named in the order is banned from buying or selling guns during that period. Refusing to fully comply with a red flag protective order is a criminal offense. Guns seized under the order are returned to the owner after a set period of time unless that period is extended by the court. Examples of evidence required by the courts to justify granting gun confiscation orders include: A recent act or threat of violence (involving a firearm or not)Evidence of serious mental illnessHistory of domestic violenceReckless use of a firearmEvidence of substance abuse or alcoholismSworn testimony by witnesses The specific legal provisions of red flag laws and how they are enforced vary from state to state. Are Red Flag Laws Effective? Connecticut was one of the first states to enact a red flag law in 1999. According to a 2016 study published in the journal of Law and Contemporary Problems, the 762 gun removals under Connecticuts â€Å"risk warrant† law from October 1999 through June 2013 resulted in one suicide prevented for every ten to eleven gun seizures executed. The study concluded that â€Å"enacting and implementing laws like Connecticut’s civil risk warrant statute in other states could significantly mitigate the risk posed by that small proportion of legal gun owners who, at times, may pose a significant danger to themselves or others.† Are Red Flag Laws Constitutional? Many gun-rights advocates say that red flag laws infringe on gun owners’ Second Amendment right to â€Å"keep and bear arms,† as well as their right to due process of law as provided by the U.S. Constitution. Guns, they argue, are personal property, and both the Fifth and 14th Amendments specifically provide that the government—including the courts and police—may not deprive citizens of property without due process of law. The argument is based on the fact that the court hearings held to decide if an individual poses a threat are held ex parte, meaning that the person whose guns might be temporarily confiscated is not present at the hearing. This, critics say, violates the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of the right of accused persons to a face-to-face confrontation with witnesses against them.   However, hearings on all types of restraining and protective orders are typically held ex parte out of concern for the safety of the complainant and witnesses.   Red Flag Law Debate A Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted in April 2018 found that 85% of registered voters nationwide support laws that would â€Å"allow the police to take guns away from people who have been found by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others.† States with red flag laws have reported similar levels of public support for the legislation. In March 2018, the National Rifle Association (NRA), which had helped defeat red flag legislation in Utah and Maryland, suggested it might be open to such laws under a strict set of conditions, including a court finding by â€Å"clear and convincing evidence that the person in question poses a significant risk of danger. Despite this statement, the NRA went on to help block red flag legislation in Arizona in 2019. In Congress, virtually all Democrats and a few Republicans are receptive to red flag laws. The day after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, killed 31 people, President Donald Trump urged states to implement red flag laws to remove guns from â€Å"those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety.† In televised remarks from the White House on August 5, 2019, Trump stated, â€Å"We must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms and that if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process.† States With Red Flag Laws As of August 2019, red flag laws had been enacted in 17 states and the District of Columbia. Twelve states enacted red flag laws after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018, left 17 dead. The states of California, Connecticut, Indiana, Oregon, and Washington, had enacted red flag laws prior to 2018. The 17 states and District of Columbia (in red) that had enacted red flag gun violence prevention laws as of August 2019. Creative Commons With only slight variations, all current red flag laws allow family members and law enforcement to petition a state judge to issue ERPOs directing the confiscation of all guns from the individual they believe poses a threat to their safety. In all cases, the petitioner must present evidence of why the gun owner poses a threat to others, as well as to himself or herself. If the ERPO is granted, the named individual’s guns are confiscated and held by police for a set minimum period, after which the gun owner must prove to the court that he or she no longer poses a risk in order to get their firearms back. Here is a list of who is allowed to request the issuance of an ERPO gun removal order in each state: California: Family, household members, and law enforcementColorado: Family, household members, and law enforcementConnecticut: One state attorney or any two police officersDelaware: Family, household members, and law enforcementDistrict of Columbia: Family, household members, mental health professionals, and law enforcementFlorida: Law enforcement onlyHawaii: Family, household members, teachers, medical professionals, coworkers, and law enforcementIllinois: Family, household members, and law enforcementIndiana: Law enforcement onlyMaryland: Family, household members, certain health professionals, and law enforcementMassachusetts: Family, household members, and law enforcementNevada: Family, household members, and law enforcementNew Jersey: Family, household members, and law enforcementNew York: Family, household members, school administrators, and law enforcementOregon: Family, household members, and law enforcementRhode Island: Law enforcement onlyVermont: State attorneys or the off ice of the state attorney general onlyWashington: Family, household members, and law enforcement As of August 2019, the state legislatures of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina were considering red flag legislation. Federal Red Flag Gun Control Legislation In February 2019, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, introduced the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act (S. 506), which would offer grants to assist states in developing red flag laws and make possessing a firearm in violation of a state red flag law a felony violation of federal firearms law. On August 5, 2019—the day after the El Paso and Dayton shootings—conservative Republican Senator Lindsey Graham stated that he would propose bipartisan legislation to encourage more states to adopt red flag laws. Sources and Further Reference Williams, Timothy (August 6, 2019). What Are Red Flag Gun Laws, and How Do They Work? New York Times.Parker, George F. (2015). Circumstances and Outcomes of a Firearm Seizure Law: Marion County, Indiana, 2006-2013. Behavioral Sciences the LawLaGrone, Katie. (July 30, 2018). More than 450 people in Florida ordered to surrender guns months after gun law took effect. WFTS Tampa Bay.Dezenski, Lauren. Trump backs red flag gun laws. What do they actually do? CNN. (August 5, 2019).Lindsey Graham pushes red flag bill to curb gun violence. Politico. (August 5, 2019).

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Essay about Epiphany in to Build a Fire - 961 Words

An Analysis of the Man’s Epiphany in To Build a Fire The short story To Build a Fire, written by Jack London, is a tragic tale of an overconfident, inexperienced man traveling through the brutal, sub-freezing conditions of the Yukon with only the companionship of a dog. The man, un-named in this story, arrogantly decides to break from the main trail to take a less traveled route against the advice of the seasoned old-timer of Sulfur Creek, who warns of traveling alone in such severe conditions. The man is described as being without imagination and not aware of the significance of the things around him, how frail his life is. As his journey prolongs, his confidence builds as he continually cheats nature, but the temperature extends†¦show more content†¦In London’s story, it is this realization by the man that has him swallow his pride and ego in admittance of how frail his existence really was. The events leading to the man’s revelation build his character to be very pompous and arrogant; this being his first winter and a newcomer to the area, not heeding the warning of such seasoned prospects as the old-timer is foolish. He even recollects having laughed at the old-timer upon mention of â€Å"how cold it sometimes got in the country.†(Kennedy Giona, 2007, p. 123) His self-belief is boasted, as he is able to dupe the thin ice and avoid the freezing water beneath it multiple times, even sending the reluctant dog ahead of him in one instance. What the man lacks is basic instinct, which is inherent in the dog, to know that it is too cold to travel in such rigorous conditions. He disregards all of the signs, even though many are very much apparent to him. He can feel it getting colder in his numb limbs, and see it getting colder as his spit freezes before even reaching the ground, yet he is determined to continue. In his lack of experience, he misses the dog†™s hesitance to leave the fire built at lunch, as well its delay to press on over the thin ice. The man’s instinct has been replaced by intellect, which allows him to reason with himself into thinking that the temperature is just a number or that he can easily see where the pitfalls lay along the snowy trail. As the man travelsShow MoreRelatedPersonal Statement : The Place Blew Up The Driveway 1016 Words   |  5 Pagesjust as perfect, to stay stuck inside your head for the rest of your existence. About a two years past, I had lost my job, and was in the process of moving out of my former place of residence. My plan was to split my parent’s garage in half, and build a room for me to stay while I got back up on my feet. Though until the room was built, I was to lay my head on the living room couch. Words cannot describe how uncomfortable that wretched sofa was. So I usually spent most nights, and waning hours ofRead MoreThe Imagination Is Man s Power Over Nature952 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"The imagination is man s power over nature† (â€Å"Wallace Stevens†). This piece of advice would have been life saving for the man in Jack London’s â€Å"To Build a Fire.† The man, who is never named, enters into a battle against nature. He loses this battle because he did not possess that which would have caused him to think more carefully about some of his actions- imagination. Imagination is almost essential to feel fear. If one does not have the cap acity to imagine what might happen and stays in theRead MoreMy Career As A Career709 Words   |  3 PagesI’ve already made. The changes I made in my life from the kid that came out of school unsure of what he wanted, then becoming a Psychology major in college, then changing my major to Fire Science to pursue a career as a fire fighter, later finding out that the market in my area was flooded with too many professional fire fighters. When I finally came to terms with making a life for myself, I joined the United States Army and became and Combat Medic (Emergency Medical Technician) with an additional specialtyRead MoreComparisons of Maggie of Everyday Use and Laura of The Glass Menagerie1145 Words   |  5 PagesTennessee Williams’ play â€Å"The Glass Menagerie†, we experience two characters that display this to be true. In â€Å"Everyday Use† we are introduced to Maggie, the timid and homely little sister who has burns throughout her arms and legs d ue to a house fire which occurred many years prior to when the story takes place. In â€Å"The Glass Menagerie† we read about Laura, an introverted character who suffers from a childhood illness causing her to have one leg shorter than the other leaving her to rely on theRead MoreAs I Lay Dying by William Faulkner997 Words   |  4 PagesDarl and their dying mother who is called Addie (Cocola, Jim Jaffee 78) Bundren stays in the countryside areas of the Mississippi in the 1920s. Jewel is reserved and timid while the brother, Cash, is a skilled carpenter. Cash uses the skills to build the coffin for their mother. The coffin is made in the best way possible ever.The first few sections of the novel the narration consist of the hearing from all the three brothers and the Anse, the father to the three, their youngest brother VardamaRead MoreFour Noble Truths1181 Words   |  5 Pageswhen he meets Socrates, an old man at the gas station, and learns inspirational lessons which connect to the Four Noble Truths from Socrates. The lessons promote great changes in Dan’s view of the world as well as of himself. The Four Noble Truths build up the foundation of Buddhism, which explains the nature of life. According to the Four Noble Truths, it states that life is suffering, caused by people’s desire and attachment, and suffering can only be eliminated when desire and attachment ceaseRead More Everyday Use Essay1559 Words   |  7 Pagesbe in her home instead. Picking up a few items, reveling in their authenticity, she envisions how these everyday objects will work as centerpieces and art in her house; they are a way for her to pick up the broken loathsome pieces of her past and build them into a well-respected future. In truth, she does not want to be a part of that world, but wants people to view her as a part of it. She wants to be seen as a revolutionist, and even shares some of the feelings of those true followers of the movementRead More Nikola Tesla Essay1355 Words   |  6 Pagesprofessor replied that it would be similar to building a perpetual motion machine. The idea of such a machine tantalized Tesla for years until one day at the age of 24 when he was living in Budapest working for the Central Telephone Exchange he had an epiphany and began making sketches that would soon develop into the worlds first induction motor. After several unsuccessful jobs with German and French electrical power companies where he tried to improve their DC generators, 29-year-old Tesla came toRead MoreBrief Beginning Statement. From Any Walk Of Life, An Eagle1638 Words   |  7 Pageslearned skills like tying knots, setting up tents, and overall participating in a big pack. Cub Scouts in some ways― for me at least― had allowed for some aspects of responsibility and organization to germinate. Learning little skills like setting up a fire and using knife safety all, in one way or another, allowed for more accountability. Despite some requirements, many Cub Scouts obtained their arrow of light without any real trouble. After the Arrow of Light ceremony, young scouts got to decide whetherRead MoreEssay about Treatment of Escapism in The Playboy of the Western World1553 Words   |  7 Pagesbizarre practice, but it shows the lengths Philly had to go to find entertainment. Pegeen, with her tedious life working on a farm and in a remote pub, finds her escapism through Christy- she idolises him, although she barely knows him; she builds up an image of Christy as a brave, courageous, warrior, and an eloquent poet and storyteller. Any girl would walk her heart out before shed meet a young man was your like for eloquence or talk. This image is fuelled by fine, rich prose

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The Vampire Diaries Dark Reunion Chapter Fifteen Free Essays

string(21) " she could say that\." Klaus screamed, a scream that reminded Bonnie of ancient predators, of the sabertooth cat and the bull mammoth. Blood frothed out of his mouth along with the scream, turning that handsome face into a twisted mask of fury. His hands scrabbled at his back, trying to get a grip on the white ash stake and pull it out. We will write a custom essay sample on The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion Chapter Fifteen or any similar topic only for you Order Now But it was buried too deep. The throw had been a good one. â€Å"Damon,† Bonnie whispered. He was standing at the edge of the clearing, framed by oak trees. As she watched, he took a step toward Klaus, and then another; lithe stalking steps filled with deadly purpose. And he was angry. Bonnie would have run from the look on his face if her muscles hadn’t been frozen. She had never seen such menace so barely held in check. â€Å"Get†¦ away†¦ from my brother,† he said, almost breathing it, with his eyes never leaving Klaus’s as he took another step. Klaus screamed again, but his hands stopped their frantic scrabbling. â€Å"You idiot! We don’t have to fight! I told you that at the house! We can ignore each other!† Damon’s voice was no louder than before. â€Å"Get away from my brother.† Bonnie could feel it inside him, a swell of Power like a tsunami. He continued, so softly that Bonnie had to strain to hear him, â€Å"Before I tear your heart out.† Bonnie could move after all. She stepped backward. â€Å"I told you!† screamed Klaus, frothing. Damon didn’t acknowledge the words in any way. His whole being seemed focused on Klaus’s throat, on his chest, on the beating heart inside that he was going to tear out. Klaus picked up the unbroken lance and rushed him. In spite of all the blood, the blond man seemed to have plenty of strength left. The rush was sudden, violent, and almost inescapable. Bonnie saw him thrust the lance at Damon and shut her eyes involuntarily, and then opened them an instant later as she heard the flurry of wings. Klaus had plunged right through the spot where Damon had been, and a black crow was soaring upward while a single feather floated down. As Bonnie stared, Klaus’s rush took him into the darkness beyond the clearing and he disappeared. Dead silence fell in the wood. Bonnie’s paralysis broke slowly, and she first stepped, and then ran to where Stefan lay. He didn’t open his eyes at her approach; he seemed unconscious. She knelt beside him. And then she felt a sort of horrible calm creep over her, like someone who has been swimming in ice water and at last feels the first undeniable signs of hypothermia. If she hadn’t had so many successive shocks already, she might have fled screaming or dissolved into hysterics. But as it was, this was simply the last step, the last little slide into unreality. Into a world that couldn’t be, but was. She’d never seen anybody hurt like this. Not even Mr. Tanner, and he had died of his wounds. Nothing Mary had ever said could help fix this. Even if they’d had Stefan on a stretcher outside an operating room, it wouldn’t have been enough. In that state of dreadful calm she looked up to see a flutter of wings blur and shimmer in the moonlight. Damon stood beside her, and she spoke quite collectedly and rationally. â€Å"Will giving him blood help?† He didn’t seem to hear her. His eyes were all black, all pupil. That barely leashed violence, that sense of ferocious energy held back, was gone. He knelt and touched the dark head on the ground. â€Å"Stefan?† Bonnie shut her eyes. Damon’s scared, she thought. Damon’s scared-Damon!-and oh, God, I don’t know what to do. There’s nothing to do-and it’s all over and we’re all lost and Damon is scared for Stefan. He isn’t going to take care of things and he hasn’t got a solution and somebody’s got to fix this. And oh, God, please help me because I’m so frightened and Stefan’s dying and Meredith and Matt are hurt and Klaus is going to come back. She opened her eyes to look at Damon. He was white, his face looking terrifyingly young at that moment, with those dilated black eyes. â€Å"Klaus is coming back,† Bonnie said quietly. She wasn’t afraid of him anymore. They weren’t a centuries-old hunter and a seventeen-year-old human girl, sitting here at the edge of the world. They were just two people, Damon and Bonnie, who had to do the best they could. â€Å"I know,† Damon said. He was holding Stefan’s hand, looking completely unembarrassed about it, and it seemed quite logical and sensible. Bonnie could feel him sending Power into Stefan, could also feel that it wasn’t enough. â€Å"Would blood help him?† â€Å"Not much. A little, maybe.† â€Å"Anything that helps at all we’ve got to try.† Stefan whispered, â€Å"No.† Bonnie was surprised. She’d thought he was unconscious. But his eyes were open now, open and alert and smoldering green. They were the only alive thing about him. â€Å"Don’t be stupid,† Damon said, his voice hardening. He was gripping Stefan’s hand until his knuckles whitened. â€Å"You’re badly hurt.† â€Å"I won’t break my promise.† That immovable stubbornness was in Stefan’s voice, in his pale face. And when Damon opened his mouth again, undoubtedly to say that Stefan would break it and like it or Damon would break his neck, Stefan added, â€Å"Especially when it won’t do any good.† Only the truth would do. And Stefan was telling the truth. He was still looking at his brother, who was looking back, all that fierce, furious attention focused on Stefan as it had been focused on Klaus earlier. As if somehow that would help. â€Å"I’m not badly hurt, I’m dead,† Stefan said brutally, his eyes locked on Damon’s. Their last and greatest struggle of wills, Bonnie thought. â€Å"And you need to get Bonnie and the others out of here.† â€Å"We won’t leave you,† Bonnie intervened. That was the truth; she could say that. You read "The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion Chapter Fifteen" in category "Essay examples" â€Å"You have to!† Stefan didn’t glance aside, didn’t look away from his brother. â€Å"Damon, you know I’m right. Klaus will be here any minute. Don’t throw your life away. Don’t throw their lives away.† â€Å"I don’t give a damn about their lives,† Damon hissed. The truth also, Bonnie thought, curiously unoffended. There was only one life Damon cared about here, and it wasn’t his own. â€Å"Yes, you do!† Stefan flared back. He was hanging on to Damon’s hand with just as fierce a grip, as if this was a contest and he could force Damon to concede that way. â€Å"Elena had a last request; well, this is mine. You have Power, Damon. I want you to use it to help them.† â€Å"Stefan†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Bonnie whispered helplessly. â€Å"Promise me,† Stefan said to Damon, and then a spasm of pain twisted his face. For uncountable seconds Damon simply looked down at him. Then he said, â€Å"I promise,† quick and sharp as the stroke of a dagger. He let go of Stefan’s hand and stood, turning to Bonnie. â€Å"Come on.† â€Å"We can’t leave him†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Yes, we can.† There was nothing young about Damon’s face now. Nothing vulnerable. â€Å"You and your human friends are leaving here, permanently. I am coming back.† Bonnie shook her head. She knew, dimly, that Damon wasn’t betraying Stefan, that it was some case of Damon putting Stefan’s ideals above Stefan’s life, but it was all too abstruse and incomprehensible to her. She didn’t understand it and she didn’t want to. All she knew was that Stefan couldn’t be left lying there. â€Å"You’re coming now,† Damon said, reaching for her, the steely ring back in his voice. Bonnie prepared herself for a fight, and then something happened that made all their debating meaningless. There was a crack like a giant whip and a flash like daylight, and Bonnie was blinded. When she could see through the afterimage, her eyes flew to the flames that were licking up from a newly blackened hole at the base of a tree. Bonnie’s eye darted to him next, as the only other thing moving in the clearing. He was waving the bloody white ash stake he’d pulled out of his own back like a gory trophy. Lightning rod, thought Bonnie illogically, and then there was another crash. It stabbed down from an empty sky, in huge blue-white forks that lit everything like the sun at noon. Bonnie watched as one tree and then another was hit, each one closer than the last. Flames licked up like hungry red goblins among the leaves. Two trees on either side of Bonnie exploded, with cracks so loud that she felt rather than heard it, a piercing pain in her eardrums. Damon, whose eyes were more sensitive, threw up a hand to protect them. Then he shouted â€Å"Klaus!† and sprang toward the blond man. He wasn’t stalking now; this was the deadly race of attack. The burst of killing speed of the hunting cat or the wolf. Lightning caught him in midspring. Bonnie screamed as she saw it, jumping to her feet. There was a blue flash of superheated gases and a smell of burning, and then Damon was down, lying motionless on his face. Bonnie could see tiny wisps of smoke rise from him, just as they did from the trees. Speechless with horror, she looked at Klaus. He was swaggering through the clearing, holding his bloody stick like a golf club. He bent down over Damon as he passed, and smiled. Bonnie wanted to scream again, but she didn’t have the breath. There didn’t seem to be any air left to breathe. â€Å"I’ll deal with you later,† Klaus told the unconscious Damon. Then his face tipped up toward Bonnie. â€Å"You,† he said, â€Å"I’m going to deal with right now.† It was an instant before she realized he was looking at Stefan, and not her. Those electric blue eyes were fixed on Stefan’s face. They moved to Stefan’s bloody middle. â€Å"I’m going to eat you now, Salvatore.† Bonnie was all alone. The only one left standing. And she was afraid. But she knew what she had to do. She let her knees collapse again, dropping to the ground beside Stefan. And this is how it ends, she thought. You kneel beside your knight and then you face the enemy. She looked at Klaus and moved so that she was shielding Stefan. He seemed to notice her for the first time, and frowned as if he’d found a spider in his salad. Firelight flickered orange-red on his face. â€Å"No.† And this is how the ending starts. Like this, so simply, with one word, and you’re going to die on a summer night. A summer night when the moon and stars are shining and bonfires burn like the flames the Druids used to summon the dead. â€Å"Bonnie, go,† Stefan said painfully. â€Å"Get out while you can.† â€Å"No,† Bonnie said. I’m sorry, Elena, she thought. I can’t save him. This is all I can do. â€Å"Get out of the way,† Klaus said through his teeth. â€Å"No.† She could wait and let Stefan die this way, instead of with Klaus’s teeth in his throat. It might not seem like much of a difference, but it was the most she could offer. â€Å"Bonnie†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Stefan whispered. â€Å"Don’t you know who I am, girl? I’ve walked with the devil. If you move, I’ll let you die quickly.† Bonnie’s voice had given out. She shook her head. Klaus threw back his own head and laughed. A little more blood trickled out, too. â€Å"All right,† he said. â€Å"Have it your own way. Both of you go together.† Summer night, Bonnie thought. The solstice eve. When the line between worlds is so thin. â€Å"Say good night, sweetheart.† No time to trance, no time for anything. Nothing except one desperate appeal. â€Å"Elena!† Bonnie screamed. â€Å"Elena! Elena!† Klaus recoiled. For an instant, it seemed as if the name alone had the power to alarm him. Or as if he expected something to respond to Bonnie’s cry. He stood, listening. Bonnie drew on her powers, putting everything she had into it, throwing her need and her call out into the void. And felt†¦ nothing. Nothing disturbed the summer night except the crackling sound of flames. Klaus turned back to Bonnie and Stefan, and grinned. Then Bonnie saw the mist creeping along the ground. No-it couldn’t be mist. It must be smoke from the fire. But it didn’t behave like either. It was swirling, rising in the air like a tiny whirlwind or dust devil. It was gathering into a shape roughly the size of a man. Mist was flowing out of the ground, between the trees. Pools of it, each separate and distinct. Bonnie, staring mutely, could see through each patch, could see the flames, the oak trees, the bricks of the chimney. Klaus had stopped smiling, stopped moving, and was watching too. Bonnie turned to Stefan, unable to even frame the question. â€Å"Unquiet spirits,† he whispered huskily, his green eyes intent. â€Å"The solstice.† And then Bonnie understood. They were coming. From across the river, where the old cemetery lay. From the woods, where countless makeshift graves had been dug to dump bodies in before they rotted. The unquiet spirits, the soldiers who had fought here and died during the Civil War. A supernatural host answering the call for help. They were forming all around. There were hundreds of them. Bonnie could actually see faces now. The misty outlines were filling in with pale hues like so many runny watercolors. She saw a flash of blue, a glimmer of gray. Both Union and Confederate troops. Bonnie glimpsed a pistol thrust into a belt, the glint of an ornamented sword. Chevrons on a sleeve. A bushy dark beard; a long, well-tended white one. A small figure, child size, with dark holes for eyes and a drum hanging at thigh level. â€Å"Oh, my God,† she whispered. â€Å"Oh, God.† It wasn’t swearing. It was something like a prayer. Not that she wasn’t frightened of them, because she was. It was every nightmare she’d ever had about the cemetery come true. Like her first dream about Elena, when things came crawling out of the black pits in the earth; only these things weren’t crawling, they were flying, skimming and floating until they swirled into human form. Everything that Bonnie had ever felt about the old graveyard-that it was alive and full of watching eyes, that there was some Power lurking behind its waiting stillness -was proving true. The earth of Fell’s Church was giving up its bloody memories. The spirits of those who’d died here were walking again. And Bonnie could feel their anger. It frightened her, but another emotion was waking up inside her, making her catch her breath and clench tighter on Stefan’s hand. Because the misty army had a leader. One figure was floating in front of the others, closest to the place where Klaus stood. It had no shape or definition as yet, but it glowed and scintillated with the pale golden light of a candle flame. Then, before Bonnie’s eyes, it seemed to take on substance from the air, shining brighter and brighter every minute with an unearthly light. It was brighter than the circle of fire. It was so bright that Klaus leaned back from it and Bonnie blinked, but when she turned at a low sound, she saw Stefan staring straight into it, fearlessly, with wide-open eyes. And smiling, so faintly, as if glad to have this be the last thing he saw. Klaus dropped the stake. He had turned away from Bonnie and Stefan to face the being of light that hung in the clearing like an avenging angel. Golden hair streaming back in an invisible wind, Elena looked down on him. â€Å"She came,† Bonnie whispered. â€Å"You asked her to,† Stefan murmured. His voice trailed off into a labored breath, but he was still smiling. His eyes were serene. â€Å"Stand away from them,† Elena said, her voice coming simultaneously to Bonnie’s ears and her mind. It was like the chiming of dozens of bells, distant and close up at once. â€Å"It’s over now, Klaus.† But Klaus rallied quickly. Bonnie saw his shoulders swell with a breath, noticed for the first time the hole in the back of the tan raincoat where the white ash stake had pierced him. It was stained dull red, and new blood was flowing now as Klaus flung out his arms. â€Å"You think I’m afraid of you?† he shouted. He spun around, laughing at all the pallid forms. â€Å"You think I’m afraid of any of you? You’re dead! Dust on the wind! You can’t touch me!† â€Å"You’re wrong,† Elena said in her wind-chime voice. â€Å"I’m one of the Old Ones! An Original! Do you know what that means?† Klaus turned again, addressing all of them, his unnaturally blue eyes seeming to catch some of the red glow of the fire. â€Å"I’ve never died. Every one of you has died, you gallery of spooks! But not me. Death can’t touch me. I am invincible!† The last word came in a shout so loud it echoed among the trees. Invincible†¦ invincible†¦ invincible. Bonnie heard it fading into the hungry sound of the fire. Elena waited until the last echo had died. Then she said, very simply, â€Å"Not quite.† She turned to look at the misty shapes around her. â€Å"He wants to spill more blood here.† A new voice spoke up, a hollow voice that ran like a trickle of cold water down Bonnie’s spine. â€Å"There’s been enough killing, I say.† It was a Union soldier with a double row of buttons on his jacket. â€Å"More than enough,† said another voice, like the boom of a faraway drum. A Confederate holding a bayonet. â€Å"It’s time somebody stopped it†-an old man in home-dyed butternut cloth. â€Å"We can’t let it go on†-the drummer boy with the black holes for eyes. â€Å"No more blood spilled!† Several voices took it up at once. â€Å"No more killing!† The cry passed from one to another, until the swell of sound was louder than the roar of the fire. â€Å"No more blood!† â€Å"You can’t touch me! You can’t kill me!† â€Å"Let’s take ‘im, boys!† â€Å"You can’t kill me! I’m immortal!† The tornado swept away into the darkness beyond Bonnie’s sight. Following it was a trail of ghosts like a comet’s tail, shooting off into the night sky. â€Å"Where are they taking him?† Bonnie didn’t mean to say it aloud; she just blurted it out before she thought. But Elena heard. â€Å"Where he won’t do any harm,† she said, and the look on her face stopped Bonnie from asking any other questions. There was a squealing, bleating sound from the other side of the clearing. Bonnie turned and saw Tyler, in his terrible part-human, part-animal shape, on his feet. There was no need for Caroline’s club. He was staring at Elena and the few remaining ghostly figures and gibbering. â€Å"Don’t let them take me! Don’t let them take me too!† Before Elena could speak, he had spun around. He regarded the fire, which was higher than his own head, for an instant, then plunged right through it, crashing into the forest beyond. Through a parting of the flames, Bonnie saw him drop to the ground, beating out flames on himself, then rise and run again. Then the fire flared up and she couldn’t see anything more. But she’d remembered something: Meredith-and Matt. Meredith was lying propped up, her head in Caroline’s lap, watching. Matt was still on his back. Hurt, but not so badly hurt as Stefan. â€Å"Elena,† Bonnie said, catching the bright figure’s attention, and then she simply looked at him. The brightness came closer. Stefan didn’t blink. He looked into the heart of the light and smiled. â€Å"He’s been stopped now. Thanks to you.† â€Å"It was Bonnie who called us. And she couldn’t have done it at the right place and the right time without you and the others.† â€Å"I tried to keep my promise.† â€Å"I know, Stefan.† Bonnie didn’t like the sound of this at all. It sounded too much like a farewell-a permanent one. Her own words floated back to her: He might go to another place or-or just go out. And she didn’t want Stefan to go anywhere. Surely anyone who looked that much like an angel†¦ â€Å"Elena,† she said, â€Å"can’t you-do something? Can’t you help him?† Her voice was shaking. â€Å"I can do something,† she said. â€Å"But I don’t know if it’s the kind of help he wants.† She turned back to Stefan. â€Å"Stefan, I can cure what Klaus did. Tonight I have that much Power. But I can’t cure what Katherine did.† Bonnie’s numbed brain struggled with this for a while. What Katherine did-but Stefan had recovered months ago from Katherine’s torture in the crypt. Then she understood. What Katherine had done was make Stefan a vampire. â€Å"It’s been too long,† Stefan was saying to Elena. â€Å"If you did cure it, I’d be a pile of dust.† â€Å"Yes.† Elena didn’t smile, just went on looking at him steadily. â€Å"Do you want my help, Stefan?† â€Å"To go on living in this world in the shadows†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Stefan’s voice was a whisper now, his green eyes distant. Bonnie wanted to shake him. Live, she thought to him, but she didn’t dare say it for fear she’d make him decide just the opposite. Then she thought of something else. â€Å"To go on trying,† she said, and both of them looked at her. She looked back, chin thrust out, and saw the beginning of a smile on Elena’s bright lips. Elena turned to Stefan, and that tiny hint of a smile passed to him. â€Å"Yes,† he said quietly, and then, to Elena, â€Å"I want your help.† She bent and kissed him. Bonnie saw the brightness flow from her to Stefan, like a river of sparkling light engulfing him. It flooded over him the way the dark mist had surrounded Klaus, like a cascade of diamonds, until his entire body glowed like Elena’s. For an instant Bonnie imagined she could see the blood inside him turned molten, flowing out to each vein, each capillary, healing everything it touched. Then the glow faded to a golden aura, soaking back into Stefan’s skin. His shirt was still demolished, but underneath the flesh was smooth and firm. Bonnie, feeling her own eyes wide with wonder, couldn’t help reaching out to touch. It felt just like any skin. The horrible wounds were gone. She laughed aloud with sheer excitement, and then looked up, sobering. â€Å"Elena- there’s Meredith, too-â€Å" The bright being that was Elena was already moving across the clearing. Meredith looked up at her from Caroline’s lap. â€Å"Hello, Elena,† she said, almost normally, except that her voice was so weak. Elena bent and kissed her. The brightness flowed again, encompassing Meredith. And when it faded, Meredith stood up on her own two feet. Then she went to Damon. He was still lying where he had fallen. The ghosts had passed over him, taking no notice of him. Elena’s brightness hovered over him, one shining hand reaching to touch his hair. Then she bent and kissed the dark head on the ground. As the sparkling light faded, Damon sat up and shook his head. He saw Elena and went still, then, every movement careful and self-contained, stood up. He didn’t say anything, only looked as Elena turned back to Stefan. He was silhouetted against the fire. Bonnie had scarcely noticed how the red glow had grown so that it almost eclipsed Elena’s gold. But now she saw it and felt a thrill of alarm. â€Å"My last gift to you,† Elena said, and it began to rain. Not a thunder-and-lightning storm, but a thorough pattering rain that soaked everything-Bonnie included-and doused the fire. It was fresh and cool, and it seemed to wash all the horror of the last hours away, cleansing the glade of everything that had happened there. Bonnie tilted her face up to it, shutting her eyes, wanting to stretch out her arms and embrace it. At last it slackened and she looked again at Elena. Elena was looking at Stefan, and there was no smile on her lips now. The wordless sorrow was back in her face. â€Å"It’s midnight,† she said. â€Å"And I have to go.† Bonnie knew instantly, at the sound of it, that â€Å"go† didn’t just mean for the moment. â€Å"Go† meant forever. Elena was going somewhere that no trance or dream could reach. And Stefan knew it too. â€Å"Just a few more minutes,† he said, reaching for her. â€Å"I’m sorry-â€Å" â€Å"Elena, wait-I need to tell you-â€Å" â€Å"I can’t!† For the first time the serenity of that bright face was destroyed, showing not only gentle sadness but tearing grief. â€Å"Stefan, I can’t wait. I’m so sorry.† It was as if she were being pulled backward, retreating from them into some dimension that Bonnie could not see. Maybe the same place Honoria went when her task was finished, Bonnie thought. To be at peace. But Elena’s eyes didn’t look as if she were at peace. They clung to Stefan, and she reached out her hand toward his, hopelessly. They didn’t touch. Wherever Elena was being pulled was too far away. â€Å"Elena-please!† It was the voice Stefan had called her with in his room. As if his heart was breaking. â€Å"Stefan,† Elena called again, but her voice came as if from a long distance. The brightness was almost gone. Then, as Bonnie stared through helpless tears, it winked out. Leaving the clearing silent once again. They were all gone, the ghosts of Fell’s Church who had walked for one night to keep more blood from being spilled. The bright spirit that had led them had vanished without a trace, and even the moon and stars were covered by clouds. Bonnie knew that the wetness on Stefan’s face wasn’t due to the rain that was still splashing down. He was standing, chest heaving, looking at the last place where Elena’s brightness had been seen. And all the longing and the pain Bonnie had glimpsed on his face at times before was nothing to what she saw now. â€Å"It isn’t fair,† she whispered. Then she shouted it to the sky, not caring who she was addressing. â€Å"It isn’t fair!† Stefan had been breathing more and more quickly. Now he lifted his face too, not in anger but in unbearable pain. His eyes were searching the clouds as if he might find some last trace of golden light, some flicker of brightness there. He couldn’t. Bonnie saw the spasm go through him, like the agony of Klaus’s stake. And the cry that burst out of him was the most terrible thing she’d ever heard. â€Å"Elena!† How to cite The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion Chapter Fifteen, Essay examples

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Marketing Segmentation Strategy Free Sample for Students

Questions: 1.Multisegment Targeting Offers Many Benefits to Firms, as well as Many Additional Costs. List two benefits and four Costs of Multisegment Targeting. Provide Examples and Elaboration.2.Name and Describe four Categories of New Products.3.List the Four Stages of the Product life Cycle. Then describe the Promotional Strategies used in each Stage.4.Describe all four tools of the Promotional mix to Promote the Product. Answers: Benefits and costs of multi-segmenting For a company to succeed there is the need for segmenting the market so that the parts of the market can be served best and makes the company profitable at the same time. The need for strategies that enhance the best relationships with the right customers is always a priority for many firms that are competing[1]. The traditional mass marketing that used to be a custom for most companies is now being abandoned. The companies are now producing products that are tailored to meet specific needs of the customers. It has been noted that consumers have varying tastes and preferences and as such segmenting and targeting such customers have benefited most companies that engage in such practices of segmentation[2]. One of the advantages of segmentation is that it increases the focus on the enterprise. Segmentation has the power of enabling a company focus on specific market segments. The returns in most cases increase with increases in attention[3]. A good example is the automobile industry li ke Toyota who started focusing on sectors that deal with small cars, a move that has seen Toyota rise globally. Multi-segmenting increases the competitiveness of the company[4]. Once a company focuses on a particular segment it means that such a firm will innovate products that suit such a market making the business more competitive as compared to the competitors[5]. A good illustration is the Johnsons baby products that segmented the baby market and specializes in baby stuffs a move that has seen Johnson claim a large portion of the market share globally. However, there are some limitations with multi segmenting and are referred to as the costs[6]. With the geographic segmentation, it is limited in scope in the sense that it generalizes the tastes and preferences of consumers. The geographic segmentation requires combination with another strategy so as to be effective. Segments, on the other hand, tend to be small which may affect the operation of a firm. In the case that the marke t served is small, it means the company will experience low turnover which threatens a companys viability in the long-run. In a market that has many brands, it may be risky segmenting such markets due to the many competitors providing such products. As a consequence, there are additional costs that reduce the profits for the firm. Lastly, in the case of a new product, it may be deemed risky segmenting such a market as no research has been conducted on such new products[7]. Convincing the consumers to utilize such commodities may take extra effort so as to segment such a market. 2.Categories of new products Products can get categorized into various classifications depending on the level they are placed on the market. One category is that of new to world products where a company goes an extra mile producing a product that has never existed before[8]. In this category, the firm diversifies the product, and in most cases, the products are only new to the firm but not to the already existing the market[9]. A good illustration is the Coca-Cola Company that is well known for the good quality of its beverages. If Coca Cola decides to diversify into snacks and cookies, then these new products would be classified as the new for the Coca-Cola Company. The second classification is the product line extension which is the companys additional of more products to the already existing stock. In this category, a company develops a brand that stands out among others regarding color, shape, and texture. In the example of Coca-Cola Company, as it has been observed, the company is producing an additional product such as mineral water and juices and as such would get considered as additional products[10]. With product improvements, it entails making amendments to the existing product that is in the marketplace. In most cases, the change may be minor or major and may involve developing the features of the products to suit the changing needs of the consumers. In some cases, the process is aimed at updating the products so that they meet the standards that are in the market or it may be the case of technological improvement making the commodities to be improved at the same time. Such upgrades may make the product competitive and increase the benefits that consumers can get from such a product. A good example is the Microsoft that has always been updating the windows, for instance, there was Windows 7, then Windows 8 and currently the consumers are using Windows 10[11]. Finally, product repositioning involves changing the image of a product in the marketplace; however, the product in most instances is an existing product. In most instances, there is communication that is intended to depict the range of benefits from such a product. Reposition of the product is also followed by changing the design of the product either through the mode of packaging. A good illustration is when in the past, Lucozade was meant for the sick, but as of today, it has been repositioned to serve the athletes. 3.Product lifecycle Consumers have the tendency of purchasing products in the markets worth millions of money every year. The products purchased just like the human beings have a lifecycle meaning that there are those products that exit the market earlier as compared to the others. The new products, on the other hand, have the advantage of being dominant in the market and gaining popularity. Most companies, on the other hand, have invested heavily in product development after realizing that their products have a limited lifespan and it is, therefore, their responsibility to make sure they remain relevant in the market[12]. As products move and evolve along the four stages, various stages should be employed to maintain the success of the product. The promotional strategies that can be employed are as follows: Introduction When launching a new product in the market, the main objective of the firm will be to inform the target group of the existence of such a product. Launching a new product is the most expensive stage for any company. At this stage, it will be critical to employ informative advertising such as the radio, television, and magazines[13]. Growth At this stage, it is characterized by increase in the sales volume and profits. It is at this stage that the company enjoys the economies of scale which has the effect of pushing the profits margins up. The firms as a result of reaping the profits have the advantage of spending money on the promotional strategies with the aim of maximizing their potential. Since the product has already gained acceptance from the target market, the firm will use a strategy that aims at increasing the loyalty of the customers[14]. Maturity At maturity stage, the product is already established, and in most instances, the manufacturer aims at maintaining the market share. It is at this juncture that competition is at its highest among the firms and businesses are advised to invest wisely in any market they wish to penetrate. The product should also be in a position to undergo modifications or upgrades which can make them more competitive in the market. Since the product experiences more competition from the other brands, there is need to engage in persuasive advertising to entice their clients to use their products over those produced by the competitors. The benefits or advantages of using a product should be communicated to the audience clearly[15]. Decline The market for the product at this stage begins to decline a stage referred to as the decline stage. The decline could be associated with a market getting saturated or because the consumers have switched to a particular product. The decline stage though inevitable, it still provides opportunities for companies to continue reaping profits through reducing the costs of production or firms venturing into cheaper markets. Reminder advertising would be favorable at this stage reminding consumers that the product still exists. 4.Tools of promotional mix One of the instruments is advertising where it is necessary that awareness of the new program should be created either through the flyers conveying the message on weight loss. Advertising can also assume the dimensions of the media through the television, radio, and internet[16]. Sales promotion is also another useful tool. In this case, since the program is very in the market, it would be necessary to have the customers believe that there will be price cuts may be 15% off would be a great deal and attract many customers[17]. Public relations are aimed at creating a lasting impression about the company. Holding a charity campaign for the neighborhood may create a good deal for the new program. Publicity may entail inviting some prominent person who gets featured in advertising campaigns using the new products[18]. Personal selling has always held the compelling power of convincing the customers to purchase the products[19]. Conducting door to door campaigns informing people of the new product and its advantages and benefits has the power of inducing some people to join the program[20]. References Akers, Helen. 2017. "What Is Multi-Segment Marketing?". Smallbusiness.Chron.Com. Bhasin, Hitesh. 2016. "6 Advantages Of Segmentation - Benefits Of Segmentation".Marketing91.Com. Bhasin, Hitesh. 2017. "Limitations Of Segmentation - Disadvantages Of Segmentation".Marketing91.Com. Chand, Smiriti. 2017. "Advantages And Disadvantages Of Market Segmentation".Yourarticlelibrary.Com: The Next Generation Library. Accessed April Chand, Smiriti. 2017. "5 Main Stages Of Product Life Cycle". Yourarticlelibrary.Com: The Next Generation Library. Accessed April 1. Claessens, Maximilian. 2017. "Categories Of New Products - What Is A New Product? -Marketing-Insider". Marketing-Insider. Converse, Paul Dulaney, and Fred Mitchell Jones. 2008. Introduction To Marketing.Place of publication not identified]: [Meisel Press]. Foundation, Edward Lowe. 2017. "How To Establish A Promotional Mix-Edward Lowe .Foundation". Edward Lowe Foundation., Linda. 2012. The Product Manager's Handbook. 1st ed. New York:McGraw-Hill. Grace, Karen. 2017. "Categories Of New Products". Prezi.Com. Accessed April 1. Jobber, David, and Fiona Ellis-Chadwick. 2016. Principles And Practice Of Marketing.London: McGraw-Hill Education. Kurtz, David L, and Louis E Boone. 2007. Principles Of Marketing. Australia: Thomson.Lombardo, Jennifer. 2017. "Types Of New Products: New Product Lines, ProductImprovements More - Video Lesson Transcript | Study.Com". Study.Com. Accessed April 1. Manis, KT. 2014. "Promoting Products: 5 Components Of The Promotional Mix". Morello, Robert. 2017. "What Is Multi-Segment Marketing?". Yourbusiness.Azcentral.Com. Mulder, Patty. 2014. "Product Life Cycle Stages Theory By Raymond Vernon |oolshero". Toolshero. Peterson, Roger. 2007. Principles Of Marketing. Delhi: Global Media. Rizzi, Vanessa. 2017. "Why Market Segmentation Is Crucial For Your Business". Entrepreneurhandbook.Co.Uk. S, Nithya. 2017. "Top 5 Elements Of Promotional Mix | Products". Essays, Research Papers And Articles On Business Management. 5-elements-of-promotional-mix-products/8114.V, Martin. 2014. "Marketing Mix | Promotion In Four P's". Cleverism. Akers, Helen. 2017. "What Is Multi-Segment Marketing?". Smallbusiness.Chron.Com. Kurtz, David L, and Louis E Boone. 2007. Principles Of Marketing. Australia: Thomson.Bhasin, Hitesh. 2016. "6 Advantages Of Segmentation - Benefits Of Segmentation".Marketing91.Com. Chand, Smiriti. 2017. "Advantages And Disadvantages Of Market Segmentation". Yourarticlelibrary.Com: The Next Generation Library. Accessed April 1. [Rizzi, Vanessa. 2017. "Why Market Segmentation Is Crucial For Your Business". Entrepreneurhandbook.Co.Uk. Bhasin, Hitesh. 2017. "Limitations Of Segmentation - Disadvantages Of Segmentation". Marketing91.Com. Morello, Robert. 2017. "What Is Multi-Segment Marketing?". Yourbusiness.Azcentral.Com. Gorchels, Linda. 2012. The Product Manager's Handbook. 1st ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. Claessens, Maximilian. 2017. "Categories Of New Products - What Is A New Product? - Marketing-Insider". Marketing-Insider. Grace, Karen. 2017. "Categories Of New Products". Prezi.Com. Accessed April 1. Lombardo, Jennifer. 2017. "Types Of New Products: New Product Lines, Product Improvements More - Video Lesson Transcript | Study.Com". Study.Com. Accessed April 1. Peterson, Roger. 2007. Principles Of Marketing. Delhi: Global Media. Chand, Smiriti. 2017. "5 Main Stages Of Product Life Cycle". Yourarticlelibrary.Com: The Next Generation Library. Accessed April 1. Mulder, Patty. 2014. "Product Life Cycle Stages Theory By Raymond Vernon | Toolshero". Toolshero. Converse, Paul Dulaney, and Fred Mitchell Jones. 2008. Introduction To Marketing. [Place of publication not identified]: [Meisel Press]. Foundation, Edward Lowe. 2017. "How To Establish A Promotional Mix - Edward Lowe Foundation". Edward Lowe Foundation. Jobber, David, and Fiona Ellis-Chadwick. 2016. Principles And Practice Of Marketing. London: McGraw-Hill Education.[17] Manis, KT. 2014. "Promoting Products: 5 Components Of The Promotional Mix". V, Martin. 2014. "Marketing Mix | Promotion In Four P's". Cleverism. S, Nithya. 2017. "Top 5 Elements Of Promotional Mix | Products". Essays, Research Papers And Articles On Business Management.

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Remedial Classes free essay sample

Yes, in this research, the researchers asked the highlights students who undergoes remedial classes about the effects of this remedial classes to their academics and the students answers is that there is an effect in their academics. The researchers know that Assumption Academy is one of the schools who really want to improve the academic performance of their students. But the researchers also know that some of the students dont like studying that much that is why they dont pay attention to the studies and this causes the students grades to be low.The researchers want to know first the study bits of the students who undergo remedial classes because the study habits can also be one of the causes of the students failing grades that is why the students are required to take remedial classes. Also, the researchers want to know the students academic performance and know if attending remedial classes affects the academic performance. We will write a custom essay sample on Remedial Classes or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Are they in favor of this kind of program? this is also one of the questions in the researchers minds thats why the researchers are conducting this research. The researchers want to know what the opinions of the students in this program are.After this research, the researchers are expecting some changes in remedial classes like what the respondents suggested. The researchers are hoping that the school will improve this program so that the students could have a better understanding about the lesson where the students find difficulties. The school should consider all the opinions and suggestions the students gave for the remedial classes. The school should provide the remedial students the knowledge they need so that they wont be afraid to enter school thinking that they do not understand the lesson.The students, however, should operate and accept the changes the school will form for the remedial class because it is for the better. This research aims to let the students know the importance of studying hard, the researchers, by this research, wants to help the students to voice out opinions and suggestions about remedial classes. And also, by answering the questionnaire prepared by the researchers, the students may evaluate the study habits, academic performance, the treatment to the remedial classes, and the benefits the students could get by attending remedial classes.For the researchers, this research study is very important. This research could help the students to voice out their opinions about remedial classes and let the teachers know it. This could help the teachers by knowing the students opinions and put it into action. The teachers would know the things that are on the minds of the students about the remedial program. This could help them improve the remedial program to help the students to understand better the lessons. And by improving the remedial program, many students would not be afraid to enter school because the remedial program has helped them to understand the lesson better.This, the researchers think, old help the school to encourage more students and enroll. The purpose of this research is to know if the remedial classes affects and help the students in terms of their academic performance. The researchers want to know if remedial classes are helpful for the students. Does it help the students improve their studies? The researchers want to know the answer by the help of this research. Also, the researchers want to help the students in voicing out their opinions about the remedial program.The researchers want to know if the students are contented to the program as it is or they wanted to improve or change something. The researchers hope that after this research, the students may realize the importance of remedial classes. And also, one of the researchers purposes in conducting this research is to remind the students to strive harder so that the students will not be required to attend remedial classes again. Statement of the Problem The researchers general problem is How do remedial classes affect the academic performance of the students at Assumption Academy school year 201 1-2012?The researchers wanted to know the effects of remedial classes to the academic performance of the highlights students. If remedial classes ally helps the students especi ally in their failing grades. In connection with this, the researchers also stated the specific problems which are: (1 )What is the academic performance Of the highlights students without remedial classes? ; (2)What is the effect of remedial classes to the academic performance of the highlights students in terms of: (a)Study Habits? ; and (b)Attitude towards studying English, Mathematics and Science? (3)Is there a significant relationship between the remedial class and the academic performance of the students? The researchers want to have the prior knowledge about the reference and study habits of the highlights students before and after attending remedial classes. And these questions may help the researchers easily find the answers. If the researchers will find the answer to these questions, the researchers could further understand how remedial classes affect the students in academics. The researchers want to know the advantages of having this kind of program to the remedial students.And lastly, the researchers wanted to know if the students are in favor of this program. Significance of the Study This research is very simple but the researchers know that many will infinite from these. There are people who may gain or get something from the research. This research could help them in some ways. The people that the researchers are talking about are the people who are connected to remedial classes and academics. And the researchers think that these people The students who undergo remedial classes. The students who undergo remedial classes are the main beneficiaries of this research.The students can give their opinions to the remedial classes. Also, through this research, the students could realize that students study habits are not enough for the students to get high grade. The researchers wanted the students to study harder so that the students would not be required to attend remedial classes next time. Remedial teachers. In this research, the remedial teachers could know the opinions of the students about the remedial classes. The remedial teachers could also understand the students better.And the teachers could improve their way of teaching after they know the opinions of the students. Subject Area Coordinators. Like the remedial teachers, the subject area coordinators would also know the opinions and recommendations of the students about remedial classes. The subject area coordinators could improve the remedial classes by the opinions and recommendations Of the students. The researchers know that the subject area coordinators are the ones who are planning the some things about remedial classes so that this research could help the subject area coordinators in this matter.Academic Coordinator. The academic coordinator could also know the opinions of the students about remedial classes and the academic coordinator could decide better for this remedial class. The academic coordinator could also help improve the remedial classes for the remedial students. Assumption Academy. This research could help the school by deciding if the remedial program would resume or not. By this research, the school would know if remedial classes really help the students in terms of academics. Also, the school could benefit in this research by improving the kind of remedial classes the school has. Parents of Remedial Students. The parents of the students who undergo remedial classes could know the students study habits. This research could help the parents realize that the parents must help the students and guide the students in studying. The parents should encourage the students to study These people are who the researchers think that may benefit in these research. This research is for them and the researchers hope that these people could gain some information from this research.Scope and Limitation of the Study The researchers are focused on the effects of remedial classes to the school year 2011-2012. The researchers want to know if this remedial program really helps the academic performance of the students or the program is just nothing and does not help the students in any ways. The researchers want to know if the students are in favor of this program or do the students have any suggestions for this program. The researchers respondents for the research are the students of Assumption Academy school year 2011-2012 who undergo remedial classes.The total number of students who undergo remedial classes is two hundred and six (206). The researchers computed the number of respondents by using the formula: N / 1+Nee and the researchers came up to 67. 32 or 67 respondents but the researchers decided to make it seventy two (72) just incase some survey forms will be lost. The researchers will select the respondents by using the Stratified Random Sampling. We Will group the names by year level and the researchers will get seventeen (17) from First Year, nineteen (19) from Second Year, and eighteen (18) from the Third and Fourth Years.The researchers will use the Questioning Method because the researchers want to have a survey kind of study and the researchers will do the Questionnaire Technique. The researchers will tally the data that will be gathered, get the frequency and get the percentage by using: Frequency / N x 100. Definition of Terms Remedial Classes denoting or relating to special teaching, teaching methods, or material for students who do not understand the lessons. Academic Performance ? how well a student meets standards set out by the institution itself. Study Habits approaches applied to learning. Age the whole duration of a human being. Sex a range of characteristics used to distinguish between males and females. Year Level the level within a program of study or the level of the course. English the study of English Literature and English Language. Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. CHAPTER II THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK This is the part of the research where the readers could find some theory, iterative, and studies that can help to have the knowledge and further this research.These could give information and background about this research so that many could understand. Relevant Theory According to Greg Fielded (2004), Study habits help the student in critical reflection in skills out comes such as selecting, analyzing, critiquing, and synthesizing. In connection with this theory, it is stated that the good study habits will help the students in order for them to gain knowledge and understanding to be able for them to perform well in class and also for them to enhance their academic performances.Students failed and take remedial classes with some of their subjects because they do not know how to study. It is important for the students to have an overview of their lessons and also to know their skills and ability in some of their subjects. The study habits are learning tendencies that enable students to work private. Because every students has an ability to improve their academic skills in their own way of studying. And for the students to have a time for them to study their lessons and to improve their individual learning skills. According to Miss Emily Perez (2011 A good Education can give a better future I fail to proud you. Strive hard and be the best that you can be. The only luxury in this word that I can give you is Education so treasure it and dont stop learning. Grab the opportunity to make yourself better person. In connection with this theory, the students must recognize their ability and skills in pursuing with their studies. Enhancing ones ability in improving learning skill will gain a distinct knowledge that every individuals must have.Education will bring us opportunity to show what learning and understanding that the student gain in their study. And one way of showing it is to enhance the academic performance of every student. Because for the students to be able to gain success, each and every one should strive hard. And according to Benedict Baling (201 1), Success is dynamic and not constant. One should keep on improving oneself every step of the way. This means that anyone could be successful. One must always try his or her best in doing things. Like the students, the students should always strive hard to get high grades and do well in school. The students who are undergoing remedial classes must take advantage because the students who undergo in remedial classes get the chance of listening again to the explanation of the cheers. The students must apply what they learn in attending regular classes. The students should participate in class actively or better if the students will change and improve their study habits and this may cause also the improvement Of the students grades. Related Literature The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose. Life is a learning process and you have to try to learn whats best for you. This is according to John McElroy (2007). This tells everyone that it is normal to lose sometimes but when someone loses, that person must strive harder. That person must make losing an inspiration to do better. No one must lose hope. Like the students who undergo remedial classes, the students must not lose hope because everyone has a chance to get high grades so the students must always try their best, study hard and be able to be one of the students who excel in their studies. According to Martin Ford (1992) If you know what you want to do and it poses a challenge, its more effective.But remember: People must also believe that they have the capabilities and opportunities needed to achieve their goal The researchers think that some Of the students who undergo remedial lasses have now low trust to themselves in terms of studies. The quoted statement would like to remind the students and even other people that each and everyone have own capabilities. The students must always believe and trust themselves. The students must be determined in pursuing goals and studying hard could help in reaching goals. Related Studies The study of Rockwell Angelina Rexes, et al (2010) states that Cause the word remedial really means that it is for the students whom would like to improve their skills and learning. The study just tells us the real meaning of remedial. Remedial classes are for those students who like to improve their studies and get higher grades. And according to the study of Swamp Vaccinated (2004) How habits are developed in us and how finally our whole personality is influenced by our habits and conclude that everything we are is a result of habit. This states that everything people do is affected by the habits.So the students who undergo remedial classes must change and improve the study habits to have a better result in their academics. Conceptual Framework The researchers independent variable is remedial classes, age, sex, and year level. And the dependent variable of the research are the Academic Performance and the students and the researchers think that the two are connected to each other because remedial classes and the other factors affects the academic performance and the study habits of the knowledge and for the students to be able to perform well in class.The researchers also think that the students who undergo remedial classes will improve their attitude towards their study habits. And also, it is in order fo r the students to gain more understanding about the students academic performance. The researchers also think that the age, sex, and the dents year level may also be some of the factors why the students have poor academic performance. The students will also make some changes and improvements about their way of studying their lessons and enhance their academic performance.Conceptual Paradigm Figure 1 Independent Variable Hypothesis Formulation Null Hypothesis Dependent Variables The remedial classes have no significant effect to the academic performance of the highlights students at Assumption Academy school year 201 1-2012. Alternative Hypothesis There is a significant effect in the Academic performance of the highlights dents in taking remedial classes. Notes in Chapter II Baling, Benedict (201 1). Cross Roads. CNN-Asia Inc. Rexes Crown Publication Inc. Philippines Perez, Emily N. (2011). Assumptions Vision.Assumption Academy, Vulcan, Philippines Fielded, Greg (2004). MASCARA Chronicle. North Forth Myers, USA McElroy, John (2007). English for a Better World. Rexes Printing Company. Philippines. Ford, Martin E. (1992). A review of Motivating Human. Sage Publishing. Newbury Park, CA. Rexes, Rockwell Angelina, et al (2010). An Analysis in the Importance of Remedial classes to the Fourth year High School students at Assumption Academy School Year 2009-2010. Assumption Academy, Vulcan, Philippines Vaccinated, Swamp (2004). Study Habits of Secondary School Students. Discovery Publishing House.India. CHAPTER Ill RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This part of the research deals with the methods and techniques that the researchers used in this research. Stating the methods and techniques used in this research will let the readers know how the researchers gathered and collected the data that the researchers need in this research. Methods and Techniques of the Study The researchers used the descriptive method to determine the effects of medial classes to the academic performance of the highlights students studying at Assumption Academy School Year 201 1-2012.The researchers used descriptive research to help an individual understand the relationship among the variables. The research study made use of tally, frequency counts, percentages, mean, and standard deviation to describe the treatment of the remedial students to their study habits, academic performance, and to the remedial class. As an output, the descriptive method was effective to the research. The researchers found it effective to the g eneral and specific problems. Population and Sample The respondents of the research were the highlights students who undergo remedial classes.

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Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster Essay Example

Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster Essay Example Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster Essay Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster Essay Essay Topic: Dunkirk History Source d is a first hand painting of the evacuation of Dunkirk it shows the ships being bombarded with shells, bombs and torpedoes form planes, It shows hundreds of men on the beach rushing towards the boats in big swarms, proving the fact that they were very nervous and desperate to get on board and off the beaches, thee is a lot of smoke coming from the destroyed ships, in which thousands of solders and crews would have been killed in each boat! Source e is a photograph of troops waiting on the beaches, this photo shows the troops quite in order and disciplined, there is also no attacks from the Germans at this point so this must mean that the attacks werent on going and there were breaks. There are hundreds of solders in this single photograph so this means that there were thousands and thousands being evacuated. Source f is a different matter this is a point were the solders are being attacked on the beach, as they are firing at planes above, there is a very low possibility that they would hit the planes, although it could scare them off! This also gives you evidence that thee was bravery along the beaches as the English and French were fighting back. Source g isnt a primary account as this person was not on the beaches but he was the English minister of war of the time, so this evidence could be counted as first hand, he describes how the army is not destroyed but is there fighting as veterans as they have now have gained in experience of warfare and self-confidence. He is also saying that the British army has got Great Spirit and those they refuse to accept defeat, which is the guarantee of victory. This source is saying that the evacuation of Dunkirk was a great success but also a great disaster. Source H is two extracts from the daily express a English news paper that was published in may 31st, 1940 the newspaper articles see the evacuation of Dunkirk as a great success, as they point out the bravery of the ships crews daring the German guns, pointing out that tens of thousands back softly already but do not point out that thousands dead and captured, calling the fleet an armada of ships-all shapes and sizes, but that was only the first article the second is more of a rundown version as it is calling the army: Tired, Dirty, Hungry but unbeatable this is not far from the truth, also saying that there was a touch of glory in the army as it was see-able on the solders faces. Source I is an extract from a book from 1965 written by an British Historian so this is a secondary piece of evidence, he gives a lot of information on the evacuation but we cant be sure that it is reliable as he was not there, he believes that operation dynamo succeed beyond all expectation, He gives evidence of boats such as destroyers and says that there was a wide verity of boats helping, he proves that on the 3rd June the last men were evacuated, in all 339, 226 men evacuated but only 139,997 were French this shows that a lot of French were left behind either presumed captured or dead, it was a great deliverance as nearly all the B.E.F. were saved. All guns, tanks and other heavy equipment were lost, 6 destroyers were sunk and 19 were damaged, the R.A.F. had lost 474 planes. This extract is a great source of evidence for the question. Source J is my own information from various other sources, I found out that there was more or less no food, weapons or ammunition and this adds more info to the fact that it was a great disaster as well. All together 220 ships were destroyed these include, fire ships, travel, destroyers E.T.C. And from these destroyed ships smoke was seen in Dover. When the solders were getting on the boats they were tired, warn out, and a lot of them had gone slightly crazy from the sight of battle and death so as they were climbing aboard they were in a hurry, so they tried to scramble up the slippery sides of the boats which quite a few of people didnt make it and fell back into the smaller boats or water and had to go all the way back to the back of the line, this proves that the solders had turned undisciplined and non-organised, which caused a great delay and trouble in the evacuation. The planes used by the Germans were Ju87 dive bombers which whilst scattering bullets and bombs over the solders and beaches, these planes were designed to go very low at an vertical axis (they were able to pull up very quickly and avoided crashing), which to the solders looked like it was going suicide to hit them, this caused more despair and a loss of self-confidence. There were 2 very long wave breakers that were untouched the navy tried to bring up a large destroyer beside one and it managed to collect about 1000 solders every hour, this was a quicker way of evacuating, but it was bombed and the ship was destroyed but this proved hat it worked, on the second wave breaker they retried this and it worked again, the Germans did not destroy this one and it proved effective. In the begging when the B.E.F. was sent to Dunkirk in September they were sent with insufficient food and equipment, which pro-told the events, which would happen.

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How might a rights-informed approach to social care provision and Essay

How might a rights-informed approach to social care provision and delivery result in better outcomes for users of social care se - Essay Example For instance, the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities encompasses rights to: participation in decision making; physical integrity and personal mobility; participation, dignity, and non-discrimination; and to live independently and actively within the community. A rights-based approach facilitates the realization of human rights by: fostering the inclusion of marginalized, socially excluded, vulnerable, or at-risk groups of people; addressing and challenging the barriers, inequalities, and injustices that are prevalent within the society; pursuing policies and programs that facilitate the well being of the service users. In most case, a rights-based approach gives services providers a stronger role to play in the manner in which services are designed and delivered. As a result, social care service users are rendered recipients of services that transform their lives and safeguard them against discriminatory treatment (Great Britain 2007, p.177). A right-based approach highlights the significance of empowerment and participation of parties impacted on by decisions to claim the rights, and accountability and capability to deliver from those responsible for social care service provision and delivery. ... need to reform institutions and transform power relations via enhanced participation, accountability, and participation and via compelling organizations to meet their rights obligations. A rights-informed approach to social care delivery and provision rests on guaranteeing that health and social care is provided and made accessible to all persons on a fair basis (Chapman 1994, p.4). Human rights represent the fundamental and irreducible rights for all individuals, which represent the moral and ethical principles that are critical to a democratic society. Human rights are grounded in a framework of fundamental values such as dignitary, equality, autonomy, respect, and fairness. The relevant human right instruments referred to in the paper entail: Human Rights Act, European Convention on Human Rights, especially Articles 2, 3, and 8; UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; and, UN Conventional n Rights f Personas with Disabilities, especially Article 19. The European C onvention on Human Rights articles entail: the right to life (Article 2); the right to respect for private and family life (article 8); and, the right of not to be subjected to discrimination with relation to any of the rights within the Act (article 14). With regard to values, a rights-based approach highlights PANEL principles, namely: participation, accountability, non-discrimination, empowerment of individuals, and legality (appreciation of legal principles) (Steiner, Alston and Goodman 2008, p.300). Human rights apply to all, but are especially significant for persons who are at enhanced risk of poor treatment. Human rights can avail practical guidance to the formulation, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of social care provision and delivery. The rights-informed approach